Knitting Supplies in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

If you are looking for a local yarn shop here in the Smokies, look no further than Smoky Mountain Spinnery! We carry the supplies you need. We have knitting needles of all kinds - straight, circular, and double pointed in bamboo, steel, wood and carbon. And we have sizes from 000 to 75!

Knitting Needles from...
Knitters Pride
Hiya Hiya
Crystal Palace
Knit Picks

Knitting Accessories

When you knit, you need a lot of accessories - and we have them. Yarn bowls, yarn Susans, umbrella swifts, ball winders, row counters, stitch markers, stitch holders, tape measures, point protectors, needle gauges, tapestry needles, cable needles, blocking wires, blocking pins, needle cases, yardage requirement guides, etc.


We specialize in natural fibers and unusual fibers, so check out or yarns page. If you can knit with it, we probably have it - from lace weight to super bulky. And if we don't have enough for your project we don't mind ordering it for you!

Crochet Supplies in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Although we are not known for being a crochet shop, we are definitely crochet friendly! We are proud to have several very talented crocheters as part of our Sit-n-Knit Family that we can turn to when needed.

Crochet Hooks From:
Crystal Palace

We have books and patterns as well as magazines for crochet lovers or those wanting some help. And we have an amazing crochet instructor so check our class schedule for classes!