Weaving Supplies in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Whether you want to weave a scarf or a shawl, a set of placemats or a rug, a belt or a bookmark, or yardage to create clothing or wall hangings, we have the weaving equipment that will inspire you to keep your creative juices flowing. We have floor looms, table looms, frame looms, inkle looms and backstrap looms. Remember the potholder looms of your childhood? We carry the ever popular Harrisville potholder looms with cotton loops of all colors - great for kids of all ages! 

Find the Perfect Loom

Because we carry a large variety of looms, we will help you decide which is best for you. Come see our Schacht, Harrisville, Kromski and Glimakra floor, table and rigid heddle looms. Also, check our large selection of Made in the USA frame looms from Hillcreek Fiber Studio and Hazel Rose Looms. From an adjustable 7' triangle or rectangle loom and stand down to a 2" X 2" square loom we've got you covered. 

Occasionally we are lucky enough to have antique or used looms for sale. Be sure to check with us if that is what you are looking for. 

Looms For All Your Work:
Rigid Heddle 

Weaving Accessories

We carry a variety of warping boards and warping peg to get you started. And when you are looking for a new shuttle - whether it is a stick, ski, rag, poke, belt or boat shuttle, we have them in stock. And bobbins, pirns, quills, bobbin winders, temples and tapestry beaters can all be found at Smoky Mountain Spinnery. Looking for Bluster Bay Shuttles made in the USA? Come see our selection. 

Smoky Mountain Spinnery has all the accessories for you to go beyond basic weaving and keep you inspired to reach for the stars!